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Looking at the jigsaw section for the appropriate year group an outline of the learning for that year is set out.  All learning objectives on each Year Group jigsaw are covered over the course of the year.  The document aligns to the most current version of the National Curriculum (2014).  English and Maths are taught daily.  In addition to this daily core learning, children are presented with 'Quest'.  Through Quest, children are provided with opportunities to build their subject knowledge around key areas of the curriculum, once the knowledge is in place, they design quests, as a class, to complete to show their learning.  The activities children choose to do this is guided by the teacher but predominantly generated by the children, this builds a fabulous enthusiasm for learning as the children are involved with their tasks and feel part of our their own learning journey.  


If you are a parent of the school currently, you will have access to your child's 'Class Dojo' page where you can follow particular events or learning opportunities taking place.  

As a school we now follow and use the Edison Connected Curriculum . If you wish to know more about this curriculum, please follow this link...

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Pursuing Excellence Through Inspirational Opportunities

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Collaboration, Individuality, Resilience, Ambition, Respect, Honesty

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