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At Old Priory we believe that Literacy is central to children’s learning.  This involves one hour of Literacy teaching a day and is structured to incorporate a wide range of reading, writing, word and sentence level work and differentiated independent activities to practice and extend skills.  Guided reading and writing is incorporated both within and outside of the hour. Some also have Enriching English sessions in the afternoon to secure areas of need and apply their learning to tasks and opportunities across a variety of curriculum links and materials. These sessions develop reading, writing and SPAG..

The skills taught in English are also used throughout other curriculum areas:  listening to and discussing topics; reading a range of non-fiction texts for reference and extensive study; writing in different styles appropriate to the task; and showing an awareness of audience.

Above all,  we wish to encourage children to love books, have a desire to read for pleasure and to gain knowledge by applying  the skills they have been  taught. The new home school communication books contain specific learning resources and prompts to support your children at home with English. Examples of content  and spelling lists are included. 

Handwriting is taught and applied daily through the use of the 'Letterjoin' an online program.  Plympton St Mary's Infant School use the same program so children can continue to build and develop their skills as they transition into KS2 at Old Priory.


We encourage children to spend time reading for pleasure on a daily basis, highlighting the impact and benefits this can have on writing skills and enjoyment of learning English at school.  Children can be assessed to find at what level they have reached using PM Benchmarking and then are allocated to a band within the reading scheme.  The library is regularly replenished with string links with the Schools library service.  Each classroom is well equipped with a compact yet relevant selection of books which appeals to the children.  Classes also have a 'class reader' which is enjoyed together at appropriate times of the day. All classes are timetabled with a slot in the library and throughout the week, children enjoy and are guided through a reading skills lesson, often taking the form of a short daily input.  


Reading diaries are taken home and returned to school on a daily basis giving both parents and teachers opportunities to support children with the development and enjoyment of reading.


Old Priory have recently adopted the 'No Nonsense Literacy' approach to writing across the school, giving structure and fluency to the teaching of writing along with a creative and exciting number of texts to choose from to support the writing tasks.  Follow this link to have a look at what this approach provides: https://www.nononsenseliteracy.co.uk/#!/


Writing opportunities are offered daily to each child at Old Priory as we recognise that writing is a skill that requires practise and so plenty of opportunity to do this is of great benefit.  Furthermore, children use their own, age appropriate toolkits to self assess their work and build awareness of what their next steps to success may be.


Plymouth have launched an exciting Oracy project which we are involved in.  The Oracy Project is designed to help build Oracy within schools as this has proven to help raise attainment of children and their enjoyment of learning.  At Old Priory we have begun to build on Oracy within school.  It is exciting watching the children's confidence grow.  Oracy is taught through all subject areas and encourages children to be confident with their speaking.

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