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In this curriculum area, we aim to help the children to understand the present in the context of the past.  Through the study of History, we aim to foster enthusiasm and interest in the past, and also to develop attitudes such as respect for evidence and understanding of conflicting viewpoints.

We provide opportunities for the children to study a variety of History:  local, national and from other parts of the world; from recent times to ancient civilisations.  We encourage the children to develop a sense of time, recognising that some things change and some things stay the same.  We look for reasons and results, for links between events, and similarities and differences.

As the children are increasing their knowledge and understanding of History, other important learning skills are being developed.  These include research, organisational and communicational skills.  These are valuable in many other curriculum areas, and thus a study of History contributes to a broad and balanced general education.

School Motto

Pursuing Excellence Through Inspirational Opportunities

Mission Statement

Collaboration, Individuality, Resilience, Ambition, Respect, Honesty

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