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Old Priory Junior Academy is currently following the new National Curriculum.  This provides the school with a framework for the teaching of Mathematics.  We use Abacus Evolve scheme and other relevant material to help us implement the teaching of Mathematics.

Maths lessons will often follow the three part structure recommended, with a mental/oral introduction, followed by a main teaching activity and concluded with a plenary.  A range of teaching strategies will be used to ensure the main objectives are grasped by the children.  Where possible we link maths skills to other curriculum areas.

We believe it is important to help the children develop a positive attitude to Mathematics as an interesting and enjoyable subject and to think clearly and logically with confidence, independence and flexibility.  We aim to help them develop an understanding of Mathematics through questioning, practical experience and experiment, including the use of computers and an appreciation of the patterns and relationships in mathematics through investigation.  We also aim to stress its links with other curriculum areas.

The acquisition of mathematical skills and knowledge, including the ability of quick recall of basic number facts, is essential to these aims, as is the development of sound mental processes.  We aim to ensure that the children become mathematically competent and aware of the skills at their disposal.  There is a carefully structured programme of skill acquisition, and regular monitoring of the children’s progress through a range of tests and teacher assessments related to the National Curriculum.


Below are some of the things we have done this term to support maths in the school.  Keep your eyes out for more shortly.

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