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Welcome to St Mary's Priory Schools Governing Body

Welcome to the Governance page of Plympton St. Mary Infant school and Old Priory Junior Academy Governing Body.  Both schools are part of St. Christopher’s Multi Academy Trust; “A strong family of outstanding schools, serving their community and contributing fully to the provision of education, collaborating with other partners to achieve common goals.”


The Multi Academy Trust is accountable in Law for all decisions about its academies however, the Local Governing Bodies have been delegated responsibilities by the Trust which along with working with the senior leadership team ensures that day to day decisions regarding the school's are made locally by those who know the school best. The Local Governing Board also supports staff to ensure that the School continues to move forward in line with its School Improvement Plan.


The Local Governing Board is made up of dedicated volunteers all of whom have different skills and experience and have a common commitment to education, the school children, staff, parents/carers and the local community.


If you would like to find out more about the Governing body or are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body old.clerk@stcmat.org


Local Governing Body Members



Governor name Position Date of appointment Business  and Pecuniary interests Term of office and expiration date Appointed by Responsibility
Stuart Talbot

Chair of Governors

Foundation Governor

01/09/2019 Child attends the school

4 years



Resources & Risk 

Matthew Kent-Clare

Vice Chair Governors

Parent Governor


01/09/2019 Child attends the infant school

4 years



Resources & Risk 

Robert Harris Co-opted Governor 27/09/2018 Minister of St. Mary's  Parish church Ex Officio LGB Curriculum
Karen Aspinall Parent Governor



Children attend the School

4 Years



Ethos, Community Relationships & Communication 

Sarah Woolven-Allen Foundation Governor 16/06/2017 Children attend the school

4 Years


Trust Safeguarding 
Emma Kingwell Staff Governor 26/06/2018 None

4 Years


Suzie Ottewell Headteacher September 2018 Headteacher at St Mary's Infant School Ex Officio Trust N/A
Jane Burt Associate Governor

October 2018

Child attending both schools Ex Officio LGB  N/A
Diana Smith Foundation Governor 01/09/2019 None

4 Years


Trust Disadvantaged Pupils 
Emma Young Foundation Governor 01/09/2019 Children attending both schools

4 Years



Curriculum & Standards

Jane Weatherston Co-opted Governor 01/09/2020 Staff Member

1 Year










Governor Meetings and Attendance from September 2020 to August 2021


Governor Attendance at full LGB meetings 2020/2021
Stuart Talbot 2/3 (to January 2021)
Matthew Kent-Clare 3/3
Robert Harris 1/3
Suzie Ottewell 3/3
Jane Burt 3/3
Emma Kingwell 2/3
Jane Weatherston 3/3
Karen Aspinall 3/3
Diana Smith 3/3
Sarah Woolven-Allen 3/3
Emma Young 3/3

Governor Meetings and Attendance from September 2019 to August 2020


Governor Attendance at full LGB meetings 2019/2020
Robert Harris 6/6
Emma Kingwell 5/6
Suzie Ottewell 6/6
Sarah Woolven-Allen 6/6
Karen Aspinall 6/6
Jane Burt 6/6
Emma Young 6/6
Stu Talbot 5/6
Matthew Kent-Clare 6/6
Di Smith 6/6
Chris Banbury 6/6
Dan Campbell  3/3
Nick Evans 4/4


Governor                                                                                                                                    Attendance at Teaching and Learning Committee 2019/2020 (due to Covid-19 the 2nd and 3rd meetings were cancelled with outstanding business incorporated with the remaining full LGB meetings).
Robert Harris 1/1
Suzie Ottewell 1/1
Di Smith 1/1
Chris Banbury 1/1
Emma Young 1/1
Jane Burt 1/1
Dan Campbell 1/1
Sarah Woolven -Allen 0/1


Governor                                                                                                                                    Attendance at Resources Committee 2019/2020 (Due to Covid-19 the 3rd meeting was cancelled with outstanding business incorporated in the remaining full LGB meetings).
Robert Harris 1/2
Suzie Ottewell 2/2
Karen Aspinall 2/2
Stu Talbot 2/2
Nick Evans 2/2
Matthew Kent-Clare 2/2
Emma Kingwell 1/2

Minutes are available on request.

Previous Governors

Governors who have resigned their term of office from 2019 to 2020.

Name of Governor

Month of Resignation

Dan Campbell March 2020
Nick Evans April 2020
Chris Banbury August 2020


Articles of Association and Scheme of Delegation

School Motto

Love In All We Do

Mission Statement

Collaboration, Individuality, Resilience, Ambition, Respect, Honesty

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