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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages


At Old Priory Junior Academy all Key Stage Two children must access to a modern foreign language.  It will enhance skills, knowledge and  development of children’s oracy and literacy and their understanding of their own culture/s and those of others.  Language also lies at the heart of ideas about individual identity and community, and learning another language can do a great deal to shape children’s ideas in this area as well as giving them a new perspective on their own language.

We focus on teaching a coherent programme in French from Year 3 to 6 at Old Priory.  All children will have an opportunity to learn other languages, such as Mandarin Chinese, through multi-cultural activities and through links with local secondary schools and other agencies.

The provision of modern foreign languages at Old Priory is inclusive, in line with the Primary Languages Framework and aims to provide quality of opportunity for all children.  Children for whom English is a second or additional language contribute to the intercultural understanding of their fellow pupils and are encouraged to take pride in, and develop their existing language skills.

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Pursuing Excellence Through Inspirational Opportunities

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Collaboration, Individuality, Resilience, Ambition, Respect, Honesty

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