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Music is a very important part of the creative arts in general, and therefore has an essential place in the balanced education of all children.  Through Music, we aim to enable the children to use, and understand, sound as a medium of expression and communication.  To achieve this, every child, by the end of Key Stage Two, will have been given many opportunities to listen to, invent, perform and appraise music in various forms.  Wherever possible, Music is integrated with other aspects of the curriculum:  for instance, History, Science, and Art and Craft.

The children in Year 4 participate in the ‘Wider Opportunities’ programme which enable them to learn to play the ukulele and djembe drums.  They may also be able to continue with these instruments as part of a Year 5 club if enough children are interested.  They are given the opportunity to perform on these instruments in the local community.

Peripatetic tuition may also be arranged annually, prior to the start of the Autumn Term, on a variety of musical instruments.  A charging policy is in existence for these sessions, some of which may take place after 3.30 pm.  Children who learn to play an instrument, either in school or privately, are encouraged to perform during assemblies and at end of term concerts.

Through this approach to Music, it is hoped that every child will develop a wider appreciation and enjoyment of the subject.

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Pursuing Excellence Through Inspirational Opportunities

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Collaboration, Individuality, Resilience, Ambition, Respect, Honesty

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