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Safeguarding and Child Protection


Please find below our updated Safeguarding Policy, updated in September 2020 in conjunction with the Babcock Safeguarding Team and our Trust. 


The government's guidance on Safeguarding in Schools at this time can be found here: 



It is a legal requirement that each school should have a named Designated Person (DP) and in our school it is the Headteacher. Mrs Ottewell has undertaken Multi Agency Child Protection Training, delivered through the Plymouth’s Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) and undertakes other training as recommended by the local authority every two years. Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Burt, acts in Mrs Ottewell's absence. Additionally, Mrs Hawken and Miss Roberts are Level 3 Safeguarding trained.


Our school procedures for safeguarding children are in line with LSCB procedures and Section 175 of the 2002 Education Act, which covers all aspects of child abuse, neglect and non-accidental injury. The Headteacher’s principle consideration is the ongoing welfare, well-being and safety of our pupils. It is the school’s duty to report to outside agencies (i.e. Children’s Social Care) any incidences or concerns to ensure the safety of all pupils. We trust parents will see this as a positive course of action, and it is not meant to cause any upset or difficulty for anyone concerned. The school pays full regard to current DfE guidance “Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education”. We ensure that all appropriate measures are applied in relation to everyone who works in the school who is likely to be perceived by the children as a safe and trustworthy adult, including volunteers and staff employed by contractors.

Our school is also part of a project called Encompass, which is run between all Plymouth schools, the Educational Welfare Service and the Devon and Cornwall Police. The project has been designed to provide early reporting of any domestic incidents that occur outside school, which might have an impact on a child in school. The project ensures that at least one member of the school staff, known as the Key Adult, is trained to liaise with the police and to use the information that has been shared in confidence to best support the child and family.


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