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Student and Family Support



We work hard to ensure that we support each and every one of our children that attend Old Priory. In order to ensure that we offer the best support, we work closely with the Plympton Hub.


The Plympton Hub is a community resource conveniently situated in the centre of Plympton. The Hub works together with the community and other agencies to support the families of Plympton through the challenges we all face. We aim to provide support in areas where there is currently nothing available.


Our approach is to work with local schools, services and parents to design appropriate groups and courses. We are committed to offering genuine relationships and supporting families to help make a lasting difference in their lives.


The Plympton Hub aims are:


  • To deliver support services for families in the Plympton area in partnership with the community

The Plympton Hub objectives are:


  • We are dedicated to developing relationships with those in need in the local community through the offering of useful services with the overall aim to improve family life
  • We are committed to offering people relationships with genuine compassion and integrity so that they can celebrate life again and find hope
  • We are committed to listening to people’s stories so that they can begin to make sense of what is happening and feel supported in doing that.
  • We aim to become a centre known for not only offering services but a centre that will signpost people to the most appropriate help.
  • Our vision is to become a bridge between people in need and those with solutions, in conjunction with other local service


Contact the school office for any support/advice and guidance or you are able to contact the Hub directly on 07533747794 or 07743559280 http://plymptonhub.org/






Old Priory currently uses a Graduated Approach to SEND provision (as outlined in the 2015 SEND Code of Practice), within this Graduated Approach there is a referral system for teachers to use to refer pupils to the SAFS team (see SAF's Referral Pathway document).  When a pupil has been referred after moving through the graduated approach, the SAFs team considers whether to move pupils to SEND support which involves other professionals within the school, E.G. ELSA, SEAL and/or external agencies, E.G. Learning Mentor, MAST, CIT, EP or CAMHS.


The SAFs team meet weekly to consider referrals and discuss the progress of children previously referred.  This is also a time to talk over other strategies or outside agencies that may meet the needs of children that our current interventions are not providing. These meetings are minuted and copies of all minutes are passed to the Head Teacher.



At Old Priory Junior Academy we believe all children deserve the very best start in life and we aim to enrich the lives of all our pupils including those who have SEND.  A wide range of support will be provided to every child who has SEND requirements in order to overcome any barriers to learning.  The Co-ordination of SEND is facilitated and managed by our SENCO, Miss Knight.

Parents are fully involved at all stages of the Graduated Approach and are also consulted in monitoring the progress of their child.  This is done through Support Plans where specific and well thought out SMART targets for all SEND pupils are developed and recorded on a support plan.  A support plan records individual targets, the resources allocated (such as Teacher or T.A.) and a timeframe for the review of SMART targets (three times per year).  Parents have a copy of their child's support plan and an opportunity to comment on the support plan alongside the relevant class teacher or the SENCO.  Members of staff at Old Priory are delegated effectively to match the ever changing needs of SEND pupils, this is reviewed regularly at SLT meetings.


CAF Lead

Teresa Roberts is our Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Lead and has a wealth of knowledge and experience within this role.  A CAF can be implemented to support a Multi-Agency approach to meeting diverse family needs, it draws together a range of professionals in order to put in place support structures for a child/family and to address the needs of a child/family through a fully co-ordinated package.

SAFS Panel



SENCO - Mrs Esther Knight



CAF Lead - MrsTeresa Roberts

Deputy - Mrs Hazel Hawken


The Student and Family Support Team as outlined above involves a range of professionals that work for or within Old Priory Junior Academy in various child and adult support roles. 



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