Old Priory Junior Academy

Old Priory Junior Academy

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Vision and Values

We share our vision with our infant school, St. Mary's. 


“Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:14)


Our vision underpins all that we do in school. This vision, supported by our core values, allows us to serve our community by providing an education of the highest quality.

School Aims 

Our aims draw on the four elements of the Church of England Vision for Education:
Educating for wisdom, knowledge and skills
Educating for hope and aspiration
Educating for community and living well together

Educating for dignity and respect

Our aims are:

  • To provide a curriculum which inspires children who love learning; demonstrate lively, enquiring minds; are prepared to take risks; support each other in learning from failure; and celebrate success together.
  • To support children in developing a reflective approach to life. To enable children to look to the future with hope and aspiration, supporting them through difficult times and instilling in them the belief that tomorrow is always a new day.
  • To develop a community which supports all members regardless of race, gender, special educational needs or disabilities, to achieve their full potential. To welcome parents as part of this community and partners in their child’s development.
  • To support all community members to respect themselves and others, developing personal moral values, respect for other religions, cultures and ways of life, so that they will become successful citizens in the future. To enable children to understand that their relationships with others are key to success in all aspects of life.


Our values at Old Priory are woven into our daily life at school and form part of our relationships, core learning and collective worship.  Our Ofsted report in 2019 noted that: "The school values of collaboration, individuality, resilience, ambition, respect and honesty can be seen in the classrooms."


School Motto

Love In All We Do

Mission Statement

Collaboration, Individuality, Resilience, Ambition, Respect, Honesty

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