Old Priory Junior Academy

Old Priory Junior Academy

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Vision and Values

Our School Vision is:

" Pursuing Excellence Through Inspirational Opportunities"

We are very proud of our values at Old Priory. These are woven into daily life at school and form part of our core learning and collective worship. They are taught, explicitly, weekly as part of 'key skills' developing both CPSHEE and life long learning skills. We would love to hear how your children are demonstrating the term's value outside of school time too and would like to celebrate this in school assemblies. 







Values are promoted through all aspects of school life.  During one of the whole school assemblies each week, children can be nominated, and presented with a certificate, for illustrating any of our values consistently. We have engaged in work with CAP (Child Assault Prevention Team) this term and the pupils, staff and parents have  enjoyed workshops to develop pupils understanding about how to be 'safe strong and free'  This current value links tightly with  our whole school anti-bullying ethos and our value of 'Respect'. 


Be Safe! Be True! Be You!

Is our Community Code- this is a memorable statement and slogan which denotes what we feel the pupils at Old Priory are aspiring to be like and we ask for the full community to support us in this journey striving to demonstrate and value these priorities.

School Motto

Pursuing Excellence Through Inspirational Opportunities

Mission Statement

Collaboration, Individuality, Resilience, Ambition, Respect, Honesty

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